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Know exactly what clothes to buy and how to wear them. Make an unforgettable impression.

You may have heard it before, but it’s worth repeating:  


People look at you and subconsciously ask themselves:

"Do I like this person? Do I trust him? Is he successful? Smart? Is he worth my time?"

They make assumptions the moment you enter the room, way before you even get to introduce yourself!

So how can you make sure your look says positive things about you?

How can you dress sharp every day without feeling out of place, wasting time figuring things out, or throwing away thousands of bucks on clothes that aren’t right for you?

Any of these thoughts ever cross your mind?

"I know fit is important, but I’m not sure exactly how my clothes should fit…"

"Should I be wearing slim or regular? Am I a ‘regular’ in suits, or a ‘tall’? My shoes feel a bit tight… maybe I need a wider size? Do they even make shoes wider?"

"I like this shirt… but does it work for me?"

"I have a bunch of clothes, but no idea how to put them together in different or interesting ways. I just stick to the basic color combos since I know they work."

"Whenever I go shopping, I absolutely hate it. There are too many choices, I’m not sure what I need, and I usually just leave frustrated and empty-handed."

"I want to look good, but I’m not always sure how to go about it. I just wish I had someone to tell me what to do!"

If you've ever caught yourself saying or thinking even one of the above statements, you’re not alone.

I’ve been helping guys perfect their style on Effortless Gent for the last 8 years, and I’ve answered thousands of comments and emails. What you see above are the most common problems and concerns most guys face.

These issues are nagging, persistent, and ever-present... know why?

We have to get dressed every single day.

But not only that. On a deeper level...

The way we dress and present ourselves says lots about how we feel, who we are, what we believe in, and what we think of ourselves.

Would you be surprised if I told you that dressing well can also affect your mood and confidence, the way you feel about yourself, even the way others treat you?

And if this is true, it begs the question: What are you missing out on by not dressing well all the time?

Hey there, I’m Barron :)

I run the site, Effortless Gent, and I’ve been helping guys put together awesome outfits and lean wardrobes since 2009.

I’ve been into my own personal style since I was a kid! I remember being 12 years old and caring about the outfits I’d wear to school. I wanted to look cool and hear my friends say, "Dude, that's a dope shirt!" (yeah, we talked that way)

I admit, I wore some pretty terrible stuff back in the day… too trendy, too big, not classic at all. But that’s the whole point of experimentation!  

My tastes and preferences have evolved over the past 20+ years, and early on in my twenties, I gained the appreciation of more classic styles. Along the way, I’ve helped many of my guy friends put together their own smart, sharp wardrobes.  

Nowadays, I’m committed to helping guys buy clothes and put together outfits that make them look and feel great, and I’m glad I have 20+ years of experience to draw from so you don’t have to spend the same amount of time I did figuring things out!  

Speaking of figuring things out...

I went there, so you don’t have to.  

Like I mentioned, I've always been into clothing and personal style, and when I was younger, I tried any new trends I thought looked cool.  

By the time I was 18, I had three closets stuffed with clothing, yet I only wore maybe 15-20 of those things a majority of the time. 

Looking back, I wince when I think of the thousands upon thousands of dollars wasted buying stuff I never wore.  

Be honest, have you found yourself in the same position?  

When you look at your closet, do you have a bunch of clothes that you hardly wear? Some stuff you've never, ever worn?  

Think about how much you've spent on clothes that are just sitting there, unused.  

Maybe they don't fit well, so you never wore them... maybe it wasn't exactly what you were looking for, but you bought it anyway... maybe you figured you'd wear it eventually, one day, with something else in your closet.  

Shopping can be a stressful time suck as is. Why do it more than you have to, spend more than you want to, and in the end, not wear the clothes you buy?

Think your situation is unique? It isn't

  • Maybe you’ve had a hard time nailing your own style. You’ve spun your wheels, and you’re sick of wearing “whatever works” just because you haven’t figured out what looks great on you.
  • Maybe you’re older, in your 40s or 50s, and want to know how you can dress well, but still appropriately for your age.
  • Maybe you’re a weightlifter and need to find shirts that fit your chest, back, and shoulders, that don’t billow out like a tarp around your torso.
  • Maybe you want to learn how to mix, match, and coordinate so you can have fresh outfits every time and maximize the use of the clothes you have, without buying too many new things.
  • Or maybe, you’re just like Steve, the guy above who dressed like a broke college kid. You thought you looked OK, but slowly, you realized you didn’t dress very nice at all. And you made it a goal to change for the better.

Every guy thinks his situation is unique, and therefore, buying the right clothes is difficult for him. After helping hundreds of guys, I can tell you this isn’t true at all.

But you also can't jump in without a plan if you want to get your wardrobe right the first time. 

And while there is no recipe, no one-size-fits-all solution, you need to experiment, you need to try new things, and you need a bit of guidance.


An online style program for successful men who understand that appearance is everything and want their look to match their ambition.

SSS is a one-stop resource that helps you look your best and dress with confidence.


Cleaning out your closet, buying the actual clothes, and putting together killer outfits… we lay it all out for you, step by step. Just follow the plan and you’ll have a great looking wardrobe that mixes and matches effortlessly.


Learn what’s essential and what’s not. I’ll show you how to buy the basics, avoid anything overly trendy, and find great stuff that will keep you looking sharp and feeling confident.


Everything you buy will have a classic silhouette in a versatile color. I’ll show you easy tricks that make throwing together an outfit or packing for a last-minute trip a no-brainer.

Everything Smart Sharp Style covers 

Week 1: The Mindset of a Smart Sharp Style Student, Getting Your Closet and Wardrobe Ready

It’s important to be in the right position and mindset at the start of your style journey, and these introductory modules will get you there.

Week 2: Setting The Foundation For A Smart Sharp Wardrobe

Pick up quick style fundamentals that will be immensely helpful to you, both now as you build your wardrobe, and in the future, as your style evolves and you add to your closet. 

This is where you'll learn the rules of S.I.S. as well as the Lean Wardrobe Pyramid, both of which will help you dial in on what you need to add to your closet and help you avoid the Trend Trap.

Week 3: The Core Lean Wardrobe, Part I

How to pick the right shirts, pants, shoes, and mid-layers for you. We'll figure out the minimum number of each type that you need while taking into account where you live and what you do, so you aren't buying stuff you don't need.

Week 4: The Core Lean Wardrobe, Part II

Everything from suits and sportcoats to outerwear and accessories. Again, depending on your everyday style, you may need more of one kind than the others. In this module, we're gonna help you dial in on that so you have exactly what you need.

Week 5: How To Match And Put Together Outfits  

What good is having a closet full of awesome clothes if you don't know how to mix and match individual items to make great outfits?

This module will provide you a number of ways to come up with killer outfits so you always look fresh and you don't get bored of wearing the same combinations day after day.

Week 6: Taking Your Style To The Next Level

A lean and versatile wardrobe is great, but having a closet full of basics and essentials isn't the end goal. It's merely the beginning!

You don't NEED to go any further than your core Lean Wardrobe that you've built during weeks 1 through 5, but if you want to curate a personal, non-cookie cutter style that's unique to you, you'll love the lessons and actionable methods I outline in this module.

Your Bonuses  

Think of these included bonuses as tools to smoothen, and even accelerate, the process of building your Lean Wardrobe. You don't need them, but they will be incredibly useful to you as you go through the program.

Follow the program, conquer your closet, and finally nail your look

  • Learn how to clear out that closet of non-essentials in the most efficient way possible, and how to keep it lean for years to come (week 1)
  • How to keep track of key clothing measurements, which makes shopping online a cinch, even if you’ve never tried out the brand before (week 1) 
  • Understand the Lean Wardrobe Pyramid if you want to avoid the Trend Trap (week 2)
  • What are the right casual shoes for you? Can you get away with sneakers, or should you step it up to a loafer? (week 3)
  • How many suits do you really need, and when can you just substitute in a sport coat instead? (week 4)
  • What three things you need to consider before you even think about putting together an outfit (week 5)
  • How can I try new things or different looks if I'm uncomfortable or unsure if I'm doing it right? (week 6)

Here’s what you get as an SSS student

  • 6 focused modules, one delivered to you each week, that serve as your roadmap to a smart, sharp, stylish wardrobe
  • Video lessons packed with style content to guide you through all the concepts and different clothes you need for your new wardrobe
  • Downloadable worksheets, reference images, and weekly "to-dos" to help keep you on track as you go through the lessons
  • Brand and store recommendations so you know where to shop and what to buy, with alternatives so you can stay true to your personal style
  • Four Outfit Formulas: Specific formulas I teach my clients so you have easy ways to put together great looking outfits every morning without skipping a beat

Plus, I’m including these bonuses:  

  • Our Popular eGuide, Match Clothes Like A Pro ($47 value), FREE: a guide to the ins-and-outs of matching everything from color and patterns, to whole outfits and different styles
  • Your Lean Wardrobe Game Plan, a playbook with specific suggestions on what to buy when you need to stick to a budget
  • Printable shopping checklists you can take with you when shopping, or use when you’re browsing online
  • 6 weeks of VIP, all-access, priority email support: Email me any time with your style questions and concerns, from color matching to fit issues, and I'll get back to you within 24 hours
  • Peace of mind: You'll never have to second guess the decisions you make. And just in case you do, I'll be there (in your inbox), like a super stylish friend or older brother making sure you look great all the time, whether you're going on a date, headed to a fancy event, or simply going to the grocery store
  • Lifetime access to all future updates. Every time we add or improve the program, you get it for FREE

Get Started With Smart Sharp Style Today

  • 6 focused weekly modules
  • Video lessons
  • Downloadable worksheets and reference images
  • Brand and store recommendations
  • Four Outfit Formulas
  • BONUS: Match Clothes Like A Pro ($47 value)
  • BONUS: Your Lean Wardrobe Game Plan
  • BONUS: Printable shopping checklists
  • BONUS: Private Facebook group
  • BONUS: 6 weeks of VIP all-access, priority email support
  • Lifetime access to all future updates



Do you have questions or concerns about Smart Sharp Style? Email or text me; I’d be happy to help. • 347-674-6571

Hate How You Look? I Don’t Want Your Money. 

Listen, the last thing I want is for you to take this program and, in the end, have a look and style you don’t like.  

As long as you are flexible, can follow my advice and suggestions, and actually buy the clothes and outfits I show you, I know for a fact you will love your new and improved style. 

At the end of this program, you’ll be fully capable of shopping on your own, just by following the guidelines I teach you.  

I'm offering a 60-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

That means you can go through the whole program, and if, after 6 weeks, you’ve done the work, completed the modules, bought the clothes, and styled the outfits like I suggest, and you still hate your new look, I will refund you every cent you paid.

If you truly dislike the outcome, I don’t deserve to keep your money.  

If this guarantee doesn’t show you how committed I am to making you as handsome and sharp as possible, I don’t know what will. I want you to look good, and also feel good about how you look!  


"I honestly dressed like a broke college kid until I met Barron. I was of the mindset that 'I'm gonna be cool and comfortable,' so lots of flip flops, oversized clothes, and not really putting a lot of attention into how I dressed.

"What's funny is that in my head, I thought I looked fairly stylish, and now looking back at some of the photos I have to laugh. Mind you, this is just a few years ago, when I was in my late 20s."

smart sharp style - steve before after

"I figured I would LOOK better, but I didn't realize that I would also FEEL better... I get treated differently by strangers, I find myself walking taller and with better posture, and just feel better about myself which carries over to every other part of my life. It's honestly been a game changer, and it didn't take too much work."

–Steve K., Fitness Entrepreneur, NJ


"Smart Sharp Style helped me come up with a strategy, instead of buying random things I liked or thought looked good. People actually compliment me on my wardrobe at formal and business casual events.

"The reduced effort to dress up and understand what best suits the occasion is a massive time saver and far less stressful now."

–John M.


smart sharp style - neil before after

"Barron is my go-to person to ask for wardrobe advice. He will make you consider the possibility that maybe something you feel isn’t your style, you might actually be able to pull off.

"I have always avoided fedoras because I thought they looked weird on me, but after talking to Barron I started to experiment with them, and now it has added a totally different element to my overall style."

–Neil T., Web Designer and Developer, NYC


"It's one thing to go out and buy a lot of nice clothes, it's another to actually make outfits from them. That was the biggest thing I learned: how to coordinate. You can have all the nice clothes in the world but if you can't put them together, it doesn't mean anything!  

"As someone who looks young, dressing up also gets people to treat me like I am an adult, not a 21-year-old." 

–Matt K., Expert Traveler, Best-Selling Author; NYC 


"After working with Barron, I have a core foundation of quality clothes and a better understanding of how to combine them. This has given me a lot more confidence to experiment and make choices. Before, I had many unique pieces (which were hard to combine), very few neutrals, and I couldn't figure out how to make things work together. 

"This is the most confident I have felt with fashion after MANY years of struggle."  

–Jeff T., NYC 

Spend a little now, save thousands later?

What’s the cost of a program that answers all your questions while helping you buy a wardrobe filled with clothing you love to wear? Under $100.  

And how does that amount compare to the thousands and thousands of dollars wasted by buying the wrong stuff?  

Consider Smart Sharp Style your shortcut to looking great while saving money in the long run.  

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been actively developing my own personal style for 20+ years. I’ve spent a lot of money and years of trial and error teaching myself how to dress well.  

Then, I built a popular and successful website teaching others how to develop their own style.  

Smart Sharp Style is the all-in-one resource that will help you put together a great wardrobe in just 6 weeks.  

So you have a few choices here.  

All of these will get you to your end goal of dressing well; it’s up to you which path you decide to take.  

  • Option 1: Figure it all out on your own. Totally possible. Downside? Trial and error takes a long time, and can be really expensive. For me, 20+ years and thousand$ of dollar$.  
  • Option 2: Read Effortless Gent (and every other men’s style website out there) from beginning to end. Again, totally possible. Downside? That will take forever, and you never get the complete picture of what your wardrobe should look like.  
  • Option 3: Invest in Smart Sharp Style. Have that all-in-one solution with priority email access to me, waste no time, be done in 6 weeks or less, and have access to the program for life, in case you ever need to go back and review the lessons.  

It’s up to you to decide which option is best.  

A Few Common Questions


Smart Sharp Style will show you how to spend less time shopping, buy fewer clothes than you thought you needed, and more time looking great and feeling confident.

My most important goal is to get you a solid wardrobe and set of outfits that you can easily wear every day, with the flexibility to add elements that show off your personal style down the road, should you choose to do so.  


Smart Sharp Style is designed to help every guy put together a great-looking wardrobe that works for him and his specific situation.  

We all have different jobs, live in different climates, and have different budgets we need to stick to. The same cookie-cutter suggestions won’t work for every man.  

This program gives you the knowledge you need to pick what makes the most sense for you, your wallet, and your lifestyle.


Of course you can. I did, even though it took me 20 years 🙂  

You can absolutely learn everything you need to for free, and you can figure it all out on your own. But do you have the time, the patience, and the understanding to figure out if what you’re doing is actually the right thing for you?  

There is so much style information out there; mounds and mounds of it. Are you willing to dig through it all to find what works best, what styles suit you, and what makes you feel comfortable while still looking sharp?  

And do you have enough money to make these mistakes over and over? How about the closet space?  

Buying the wrong clothes that you end up hating can get expensive, not to mention take up a lot of room, both physically (you only have limited closet space) and mentally (“I just bought this jacket, but I actually don’t like it and I won’t ever wear it… but I can’t get rid of it, I just bought it! I feel bad!” etc.)  

SSS help you avoid that whole mess. I wish I had something like this during my style journey. It would’ve saved me a decade and a half, and thousands upon thousands of dollars.  

Follow SSS to the letter, and you’ll get your wardrobe right the first time around.  

And best of all? You’ll have the know-how to buy in the future. When you want to add something new, you can do it mindfully instead of just buying on a whim. You’ll have a system and a checklist to keep you on track.


There’s never a good time to start. But I have good news for you.  

1.) You don’t have to buy everything right away. In fact, in the program, I encourage you to purchase slowly, and only buy more of something when you realize you need it. That will save you money and closet space.  

2.) You have access to this program for LIFE. You can come back to it whenever you’re ready. So let’s say you want to improve your casual clothing right away, but your formal attire can wait. Simply knock out the casual sections within the program, and save the formal sections for when you have more time!  

3.) Investing in this program will give you the gentle kick in the pants you need to get going. You’re on this page for a reason; you know you’re uncomfortable in what you wear and your clothes aren’t a good representation of who you are. You know you need to make a change. This is the first step to making those positive changes.


I’m providing priority email access and guarantee a thorough, detailed answer to any emails you send me.

Additionally, all SSS students have the option to join our private Facebook group. I’m always available in the group and you can ask questions and get feedback at any time, and I (along with the other students) will be there to help you out.  

I structure my interactions this way because 90% of questions students ask are similar. When these questions are asked in the Facebook group, other students get the benefit of learning from our back and forth. So the answers to your questions will help you, in addition to everyone else in there.


I’d totally understand. Smart Sharp Style has a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee. Simply shoot me an email to let me know, and you’ll get your investment back. 

To be honest, only a small, small fraction has ever requested a refund. Once you get into the meat of the program (starting with the very first module), you’ll realize how well laid-out everything is, how easy it is to buy the clothes you need, and how to put them together to make great outfits, just like you’ve always wanted.  

It’s a worthwhile investment, I promise you that.

Imagine never second guessing what you’re wearing, ever again.

Barron Cuadro - Founding Editor Effortless Gent

Picture an effortless start to your day, throwing on a killer outfit in minutes, with no doubts or second thoughts.  

Imagine breezing through your morning routine with ease, and right before walking out the door, catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and thinking, “Damn, I look great."  

Imagine being at a store and never having to question your purchases again… locating the exact pair of pants, shirt, or coat you want, easily finding your size, and buying it without trying multiple sizes on, because you just know it works...  

Imagine understanding exactly what fits well and why, because you’ve gotten feedback from a trusted source (*ahem* me).  

Picture having the clarity, know-how, and confidence to experiment with new looks and make style choices you never even thought of before.

Shopping doesn’t have to be difficult and stressful. Neither does dressing well every single day.

Are you ready to get started and develop your smart, sharp style? Let's get started today.