"I never seem to know which colors go best together..."

I asked a few EG readers to tell me what they struggle with when it comes to matching.

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Maybe you've found yourself having trouble with the same things? 

  • "For quite a long time I bought different clothes that I just liked but didn't think about matching them with the ones I already had. I ended up having shirts or jeans I never wore."  
  • "Which color slacks go with what shirts, and what color should my sportcoat be?"  
  • "I would say the biggest challenge right now is putting together outfits. I'm kind of thinking of just sitting in the room one weekend and figuring out combinations of coats, shirts, and pants with shoes and recording them to make it easier."
  • "It is deciding how to buy clothes that will pair well with other things I have... just trying to buy clothing that will produce as many combinations as possible."

Dressing well often comes down to matching correctly

I vividly remember a specific outfit I once wore when I was 10 and running errands with my mom.

It was a pair of colorful, baggy, cotton pants covered in a geometric print, with elastic at the waist and the ankles. I'd describe it as a bit of Screech from Saved By The Bell mixed in with a touch of MC Hammer.

I had on a bright red, orange, and blue windbreaker. I was probably wearing a Cross Colours T-shirt underneath.

Frankly, thinking back on that day, I can't help but ask myself, "What the hell was I thinking?!" It was the complete opposite of a well-matching outfit.

Since then, I’ve spent 25+ years actively learning how to dress well, curating my wardrobe, and figuring out the minute details of mixing and matching different clothes, colors, patterns, and textures (and obviously making many mistakes along the way)

Matching colors and patterns is where most guys get tripped up, and for good reason.

After a while, it’s easy to know what looks stylish and what doesn’t when evaluating a shirt or a pair of shoes on their own.

But the minute you have to match that shirt or pair of shoes with other items... and put together an actual outfit?

That’s when it gets a bit… confusing.  

Match Clothes Like A Pro

Your downloadable PDF eGuide that will take you from combo catastrophe to pro-level outfit assembly.

With the lessons in this eGuide, you’ll be able to put together sharp-looking outfits in seconds, in ways you never even thought of before. You’ll also learn how to shop strategically, so the clothes you buy match well with everything else you already have at home.

Barron’s managed to take one of the trickiest things to talk about—matching—and show guys a path to effortlessly mastering it. He goes deep without bombarding you with too many rules. If you’re an Effortless Gent fan, this one is a no-brainer.

Peter N., Private Personal Stylist for Entrepreneurs and Founder of The Essential Man

Having studied matching theory for years, this guide has it all. Barron lays it out in a way that's easy for a beginner to digest, while still offering up enough information that even experts can improve upon. This guide is one every man should not only have, but refer to often. 

Tanner Guzy, founder of Masculine Style

Here is everything you’ll learn in Match Clothes Like A Pro

  • Two Different and Unique Approaches To Matching
  • Why You Should Master The Color Wheel, Then Forget About It And Use This Simple Method Instead
  • The Key To Wearing Stripes With Dots (And Other Pattern Combos You’ve Always Been Unsure About)
  • One Easily-Ignored Clothing Characteristic That Takes Your Style Game Up Three Notches
  • How To Dress Like Your Favorite Style Icon, and How To Combine Two Or More Styles Together
  • Correctly Matching Pants And Socks, Shirts And Ties, And Other Common Pairings
  • Three Useful Shortcuts And Real-Life Examples That Will Fast Track Your Morning Routine
  • Answers To Your Most Common Matching Questions
  • How To Get From Basic Bro to Fashion Forward

A small sample of what the eGuide covers

  • An easy formula with surefire color combos that you simply can’t mess up (page 11)
  • Easily wear two or more stripes (or checks, or dots) by following a few guidelines (page 16)
  • Identify a few style archetypes you like and exponentially step up your style by mashing them together (page 22)
  • How to pair the formal (a suit) with the casual (a military jacket) stylishly (page 30)
  • Which colors go with everything, even each other? (page 39)
  • How to take it to the next level with your personal style after mastering the basics (page 51)
  • Where to draw inspiration from when you need better outfit ideas (page 54)

Before reading this guide, I’d be getting dressed and my wife would look at me with a confused face and say, ‘That doesn’t match at all.’ Now I know what colors and patterns go well together. Even with a smaller wardrobe, I’m able to put together so many different outfits. Thanks Barron!

Caleb W., Videographer Extraordinaire, San Diego, CA

Choosing colors and textures based on season was a really helpful way to think about my wardrobe. Also, building an outfit around one neutral. That takes a lot of stress off of trying to pick out an outfit!

Justin B., Rome, GA

The way Barron describes colors, styles, and patterns in this guide makes putting together an outfit simple. That’s what I want when I wake up in the morning: simple style. Now I know I have a go-to reference guide for any occasion, with photographic examples to boot. Good work, Barron. Thanks for making an otherwise cumbersome process easy and accessible.

Barrett B., Portland, OR

Matching Uncertainty? A Thing of the Past

It’s no surprise that questions about mixing and matching clothes are among the most asked (and most searched) questions on Effortless Gent.

There are countless resources, articles, and websites that help you pick out individual clothes, which is great when you want to buy cool stuff quickly and easily.

But once you have those new clothes, how do you wear them together? And what’s the best way to mix and match them with the clothes you have?  

Could the way you shop be the issue? Or maybe mixing and matching is easier than you think, and you just need to learn a few key tips and shortcuts?  

That’s why I wrote Match Clothes Like a Pro.

I want you to leave the house every day looking and feeling like a million bucks, and I know that starts with putting together a great outfit without the process taking up too much of your time.

Opening your eyes to these concepts and shortcuts is a game changer, and in Match Clothes Like a Pro, I lay it all out for you in one easy-to-digest eGuide.  

No more fishing around for "Best Matching Tactics", or tips on "How To Put Together Outfits". I want matching to be second nature for you. I want to help you establish a system so you can easily put together any outfit and instinctively know what colors and patterns look good together.

I made sure to pack this guide with everything you need to know.

Barron Cuadro - founder of Smart Sharp Style and Effortless Gent

A note from Barron Cuadro, Founder of Effortless Gent and creator of Smart Sharp Style and Match Clothes Like A Pro

Ready To Stop Wasting Time and Start Matching Like a Pro?

What You Receive: A 58-page PDF in two formats (iBooks and PDF)

Cover and sample page of Match Clothes Like a Pro